Natural Screen Cleaner kit with 30%PCR

Natural Screen Cleaner kit with 30%PCR


·120ML natural solution

·a keyboard cleaning brush

·a microfiber cleaning cloth


Natural Screen Cleaner kit with 30%PCR: Crystal Clear Screens, Naturally!

Introducing the ELON Natural Screen Cleaner Kit, a gentle and effective solution for keeping your screens spotless without any harsh chemicals.

All-Natural Formula
Our screen cleaner is meticulously crafted using a natural formula, free from harmful chemicals. Embrace nature’s power for exceptional cleaning and maintain the clarity you deserve.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
We care for the environment. Our kit comes with a 30ml PET bottle made with 30% PCR material, reducing plastic waste. Make an eco-conscious choice while keeping your screens clean.

Just a few sprays of our cleaner and a wipe with the included microfiber cloth will leave your screens crystal clear. Effortless cleaning for a pristine viewing experience.

Customizable Options
ELON provides personalized packaging services, including OEM and custom designs, to suit your brand. Showcase your commitment to quality and eco-consciousness.

Upgrade your screen care routine with ELON Natural Screen Cleaner Kit and enjoy crystal clear screens, naturally! Shop now for an eco-conscious and effective screen cleaning experience!

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