ELON Jewelry Cleaner Set 0.51 fl oz(15ml)

ELON Jewelry Cleaner Set 0.51 fl oz(15ml)


ELON Jewelry Cleaner Set, a complete solution for keeping your precious jewelry sparkling and radiant.

This set includes a 0.51 fl oz bottle of our potent jewelry cleaner crafted with a gentle yet effective natural formula,

free from harsh chemicals that can harm your jewelry and skin.

Key Features:
1. Natural Formula: Our jewelry cleaner is carefully formulated with natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and eco-friendly cleaning experience.

2. Soft Brush: The set includes a soft brush specially designed to clean delicate jewelry pieces like rings, necklaces, and earrings, without causing any scratches or damage.

3. Comprehensive Jewelry Cleaning Tools: This set equips you with all the necessary tools to clean different types of jewelry, from precious metals like gold and silver to gemstones like diamonds and pearls.

4. Diamond Cleaning Kit: With the ELON Jewelry Cleaner Set, you get a diamond cleaning kit that targets stubborn dirt and grime, restoring the brilliance of your precious stones.

1. Apply a small amount of the natural formula jewelry cleaner onto your jewelry.

2. Use the soft brush to gently scrub and remove dirt and tarnish.

3. Rinse the jewelry under warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

4. For diamonds and gemstones, use the diamond cleaning kit to achieve a dazzling shine.

With the ELON Jewelry Cleaner Set, your jewelry will look as good as new, radiating timeless beauty and charm.

Embrace the natural formula and keep your cherished pieces brilliant and lustrous for years to come.

Add this essential set to your jewelry care routine and revel in the sparkle and elegance of your favorite pieces.

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