ELON Natural Jewelry Cleaning Solution

ELON Natural Jewelry Cleaning Solution

1x deep basket
1x Jewelry Cleaning Brush
1x 8*8cm jewelry polishing cloth


ELON Natural Jewelry Cleaning Solution

Discover the power of our ELON White Jar High-End Jewelry Cleaner Set. Made with a natural formula, this premium cleaner effortlessly restores the brilliance of your precious gems and metals. With our set, you’ll receive a high-quality white jar and a complete jewelry cleaning solution. Safely and effectively remove dirt, oils, and tarnish, leaving your jewelry looking as good as new. Experience the luxury of our high-end jewelry cleaner set and enjoy the confidence of wearing dazzling, flawlessly clean jewelry. Elevate your jewelry care routine with ELON and let your precious pieces shine brightly.


1. Place jewelry one piece at a time into the dipping dish and place it in the cleaning solution for up to two minutes
2. Remove the dipping dish from the jar/container and rinse carefully with water.
3. Use the included cleaning brush to remove any buildup and reach into small crevices and pat jewelry dry with a lint-free cloth.
Repeat the process as needed. After cleaning and drying, use a soft polishing cloth to restore shine.


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Weight 0.117 kg
Dimensions 8.2 × 7.5 × 6.6 cm


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