Guangzhou Meike Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Meike Bio-tech Co., Ltd, established in 2007, located in the Guangzhou Economy and Technology Development Zone, is a ISO9001:2015 certified high-tech company by SGS, specializing in R&D, manufacture and providing Private Label and ODM service with various self-owned patented natural and eco-friendly cleanerss, mainly includes:

·Eyeglasses & Jewelry & Watch Cleaner

·Genuine Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

·3C Cleaner & Whiteboard/Chalkboard Cleaner

·Sneaker Cleaner and Household Cleaner

·Car Cleaner and Detailer

·Natural Skin Protector Industrial

With support from university partners like Sun Yat-Sen University and South China University of Technology, the company is committed to providing and developing advanced natural/eco formula solutions made from renewable natural resources only that safe to environment and human.

Being free of any toxic & harmful ingredients, solvents, petro-chemicals, VOC or CFC chemicals, the natural cleaner is completely safe and 100% biodegradable, while performance as good as traditional ones or even better.

It’s compliant to all regulations in the world like ReaCH, RoHS, Prop65, TSCA and so on,that able to sell all over the world.

Follows the request of ISO that being strict in quality controls, our max. production capability is 1,000,000 bottles/kits per month for retail package and 110 tons per month for bulk in can/drum package, and it’s prepared to improve according to request of customers all the time.

With 12years OEM/ODM/Private Label service experience and based on the principle of mutual benefits and sincere service, we have committed ourselves to establishing long-term cooperation with partners all over the world, including famous brands and companies like Pandora, Debenhams, Costco, Toyota, Foxconn, Belkin and so on.

The whole staff of the company is always improving for a better product quality warranty,customer service, that to provide long term win-win solutions with our ALL-NATURAL FORMULA for the sake of health, safe and future.


Guangzhou Meike Bio-Tech Co., Ltd is the only manufacturer in China that has Invention
Patent for its Natural Cleaner, which uses green plants derived/sourced extracts/ingredients as
the main active materials but not as fragrance/additives.

Invention Patent certificated in China for our Natural Cleaner, Conditioner and Insecticide Residue Remover

State-of-the-art proprietary cleaning & protecting agent formulated from food
100% imported brand raw ingredients to assure the stability of formula performance

Main ingredients from natural renewable green resources only
Food/Cosmetic grade preservatives and additives

Highly de-ionized water to produce (>15 megohm)
100% compliant to all environmental regulations all over the world
100% Safe, non-irritant to skins and even to eyes2
99.9% Anti-bacterial

Introduction of our R & D team

Natural Cleaner from Meike Bio-Tech Features of all our product lines:

·100% Green plant derived extracts patent formula/Natural sourced ingredients formula,
·100% made with food grade accessories and 18 megohm highly de-ionized pure water to assure
the long shelf-life.
·100% Non-toxic, not flammable, hypo-allergenic, most are safe to Child and Baby.
·100% Safe to human skins and some are Non-irritant to EYES.
·100% Safe to environment, surfaces, and its coatings.
·100% Bio-degradable and.
·99.99% Anti-bacterial.
·Anti-Static and streak-free.
Different from traditional chemical cleaners from nature—Alcohol-free, petrohemical surfactant free, phosphorus
free, VOC free…
ReaCH, RoHS, TSCA, PR65, CSA, USP51, USP61+62, TRA, etc., compliant.


Communication by text is a must to confirm every request from customers,order cannot be approved without text records.


Double confirmation for every details by mail or online apps, especially for customized item.


Sourced materials will be requested to provide related certificate.


Partner is requested to provide related audit report and certificate for quality management system and social responsibility.


Packing with export carton with relative protecting measurements according to request of customers, to avoid shipping damage.